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Quiet Paths, by Matthew Lyon and Christine Dickinson, is a musical journey through the forest: the birthplace of story, myth and song the world over. Celtic harp and piano are joined by cello, alto recorder, Irish flute, guitar and harmonium to weave a gentle tapestry of sound that conjures the mystery and beauty of the northern forests. Mixed in QSound 3D audio, and featuring location recordings of forest sounds collected in Montana and Canada, Quiet Paths is an opportunity to slow down and drink deep from the clear stream of  nature's beauty. Come, walk with us... 



About the songs: 
1 Light in the trees    (3:06) 
harp & piano - Matthew;  alto recorder - Christine 
Sunlight dances from leaf to leaf, pooling in the tree tops and spilling to the forest floor; a play of shadow and illumination.  The present is embraced by the gift of each new day. 

2  Poetry of pine    (3:34) 
harp - Matthew; cello - Janet 
They say every tree tells a story;  a tale of time and endurance recorded in the ribbons wrapped around its heart. The rhythm of life is written there; a diary of past seasons, a silent soliloquy to life. The poignant hush in a gathering of pines is filled with relevant verse for any who choose to hear. 

3 The Alder grove    (3:46) 
piano - Christine; cello - Janet; harp - Matthew 
I wrote this for my Mom,  Dora Mae Dickinson, in celebration of her birthday and in honor of a favorite place my family used to visit on the North Fork of the Flathead River. 

4  Into the forest    (3:47) 
 harp - Matthew 
So many fairy-tales and myths unfold their stories within the realms of a forest.  In our collective minds these places have always held a magical spell over us.  No wonder a vast, tall grove of trees represents such awe and beauty, mixed with a hint of adventure. 
5  Trillium    (5:02) 
piano- Christine;  harp - Matthew 
Also known as wake-robin, this springtime flower appears almost magically when the snow has just melted.  Matthew's Mom, Susan tells us: Legend has it that these white flowers start blooming early to wake all the Robins up from their winter sleep, so that they will fly back to see us here. 

6  Cameron Lake    (4:51) 
piano, harp, elk skin drum, keyboards - Matthew 
We visited Waterton International Peace Park, Canada last August.  The high, narrow valley in which Cameron lies is fed by an astonishingly steep waterfall. One evening we sat by the shores of this beautiful lake admiring the sunset, while the water fell in sweeping cascades on the far shore. 

7  People of the forest    (4:43) 
piano - Christine;  cello - Janet;  guitar - Matthew 
For Alasdair and Ian, and for all those who are still able to find magic under the boughs of trees. 

8   Quiet paths    (3:19) 
harp - Matthew 
May there always be places for us to discover, the solitude to consider, and room in our lives for simple pleasures. 

9  eden    piano - Christine; cello - Janet    (4:23) 
A place in the heart.... 

10 Morning at Apgar    (3:54) 
birds; harp, rain stick, keyboards - Matthew 
Our extended family camped in Glacier National Park just as the trees were turning in September.  A deep mist greeted us when we awoke early in the cool morning.  Finishing breakfast, we watched the sun break through low clouds - richly reflected on the orange and yellow leaves of aspen and the golden needles of the larch. 
11 Moon on the north woods    (4:52) 
 piano - Christine 
This piece was inspired by a visit to friends in western Michigan very early in Spring.  As we drove through the woods, still bare of leaves, I watched a giant, golden full moon rise slowly over the trees and snow-covered fields. 

12  Red Rock Canyon    (3:28) 
harp, low D Irish flute, harmonium, location recordings of water - Matthew 
This deep valley inspires musings of the spirit; located in Waterton Parks, Canada - a landscape which is vividly marked by the extremes of nature.  The long centuries of churning water, eons of ice and wind have carved intricate designs, which are further decorated by the colorful lichen and moss clinging to vibrant, red stone. 

13  October Woods    (4:02) 
 piano - Christine; harp - Matthew; cello - Janet 
Summer days pass by too quickly, but October begins to blossom in its own way with the beauty of each falling leaf.  We watched the many colors dancing in the wind while wandering one day along the secluded streams of Autumn. 
ÒAutumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
                   Albert Camus 

14   The Language of trees    (4:50) 
piano & keyboards -Matthew; vocals - Christine 
A beautiful area of wetlands borders Dayton Creek near Lake Mary Ronan, Montana.  The creatures that inhabit that place are in constant dialogue with each other and their environment.  Matthew recorded one of those conversations and included the sounds in this piece. 

15  Old Growth    (2:39) 
harp - Matthew 
To be in the presence of the ancient ones of the forest is to be reminded of the endless cycle of life which springs forth from the heart of nature. These trees, born long before our brief moments here, hold stories and songs of a language older still... 

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