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Composed by Montana musicians Christine Dickinson, Janet Haarvig and Matthew Lyon, Glacier Journey accompanies the listener to well-known scenic landscapes within Glacier National Park. 
Performed on piano, cello, guitar, and keyboards, the artists share their visions of Glacier. Combining classical, jazz and folk elements, Glacier Journey offers a unique musical vision of one of the planet's most spectacular areas. This album was used for the soundtrack for the video Glacier Journey, by Red Moose Productions. 




About the Songs: 
Going to the Sun is a musical poem by Matthew describing the beginning of a journey through Glacier National Park. Skirting McDonald Lake, winding past mountain views, waterfalls and climbing relentlessly to the top of Logan Pass, the road lives up to its name. 

Valley Waltz . Between any two peaks are gathered the forces of water and ice that have carved the marvelous vistas one sees from the valley floor or from alpine elevations. This piece, by Christine, is a duet of those forces of water and mountain united by time itself. 

Dance is a prelude to a piece yet to be heard. . . 

Walk of the Cedars. As individual trees, cedars inspire awe , but the vision of an entire forest complete with all the subtlties of filtered light and shadow requires one to turn to an instrument made of wood itself. This solo guitar piece was composed by Matthew. 

Hidden Lake. At the top of Logan Pass begins the trail to Hidden Lake. When not covered in snow, this landscape is abundant with delicate alpine flora, icy streams, and wildlife. It is a path worth walking slowly, as this piece by Matthew suggests. 

Bird Woman Falls is visible from many vantage points in the Park. In springtime one may see an abundance of white water tumbling over rock. The roar of the cascade echos across the wide expanse of the valley. The cello joins the piano in tribute to Bird Woman. 

Oberlin. We were all on the Going-to-the-Sun road one evening , taking in the last of the sunset, before heading back to our camp spot. All at once Oberlin Mountain appeared red and magenta out of the dark sky. This song, by Matthew, speaks of that mountain and light. 

Rising Wolf Mountain, composed by Janet, is a meditation on a solitary evening, a full moon illuminating this peak in the distance. 

The Backcountry of Glacier changes with every bend in the trail. We are made more whole by the existence of these places, and by a chance discovery of some natural miracle. 

Huckleberry Trail is a small nature path on the southwest end of the Park which we recently discovered. Spanning a variety of tiny eco-systems within just a few miles, the hiker is led through meadows swept long ago by fire, deciduous groves and old-growth forests. This piece, by Christine, reflects the sunny, vista-rich, carefree afternoon we spent here, with a picnic later on the North Fork. 

Dance of the Great Bear was inspired by a startling encounter between Janet and a sow grizzly and her cub on the Iceberg Lake trail. The cub ran in front of Janet, who turned around in mid-stride and walked in the other direction, handing Barry the pepper-spray. The sow called her cub and they both ambled off. This piece is a tribute to the power and wildness of the grizzly. 

Going Home - Remembrance :Matthew composed these two pieces in response to the vibrant images and memories we carry home with us from Glacier. Without these, this album would not have been possible. 




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