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Welcome to the Earthpassage Music website.

Earthpassage was formed by musicians and composers Matthew Lyon and Christine Dickinson in 1995. Our goal from the beginning has been to offer music that "sings of the land";  music that reflects and clarifies the experience of the landscapes that make up our world. 

Our music is the sum of our experiences, influences, and travels; a new music that incorporates the best of contemporary instrumental, Celtic, classical and world folk influences.

Based in St Ignatius Montana, we are surrounded by the mountains, forests and wilderness areas which provide the backdrop for so much of our music. Instead of playing to styles and trends, our emphasis is on creating music that touches us, that is an expression of the intangible mystery of living on this planet.

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Poetry of Pine
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Our new album is finally moving forward! We're busily recording tracks for it and having a wonderful time making music. This album represents a real change of pace for us... it's called The Open Road, and the subtitle says it all: "tunes old and new to gladden the heart".

So what's different about this CD? It's centered around the music we've been playing at home over the last several years; Celtic music, old Appalachian banjo and fiddle tune, music from an earlier time. We'll be adding a few of our own compositions as well. We're recording it "live" for the most part, right in our living room. Christine is playing viola and harmonium and I'm playing old time banjo and guitar as well as harp. Our son Ian will be adding his phenomenal tinwhistle playing to some tunes and our younger son Alasdair will be adding his wonderful hand percussion to others. There will be some other pleasant surprises... you'll just have to wait and hear it!

It's vintage music to take along with on your own journeys down open roads.



Check back soon for more details as well as a free track to download...

blessings, Matthew





Our most recent album is Fragile Beauty. As we finished work on the music we realized that many of the sounds and themes explored on the album are a continuation and expansion of our album Quiet Paths, so we decided to officially subtitle the CD "Quiet Paths 2". It's a companion work to the first album, rather than a sequel, where the focus of the songs is on appreciation of the small wonders one may find by being open to beauty. Christine and I are excited to share this music with you; it's been a journey of exploration and reflection as we created the songs for this album. Christine has written some lovely new music for piano as well as playing tenor and soprano recorders and adding her lush wordless vocals, and Matthew has come full circle back to playing the Celtic harp as well as Irish flutes and acoustic guitar. We're joined once more by cellist Janet Haarvig, who creates timeless magic on her 200 year old instrument.


Call us at 1-406-239-8776 to order your copy, or .

Listen to Real Audio samples from Fragile Beauty...

Snow on Balsams

Muse for Amy

Heron's Flight

Fragile Beauty

Spring Valley

Their City of Sand

Big Meadows

Watching the Stars



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